Thalia Press


     Thalia Press is named for the goddess Thalia, one of the Greek muses who presided over comedy and poetry. She is often seen smiling at an untold joke, with a bugle and an actor’s mask in her hands.

   In our books we try to portray the two sides of life, the good and bad, the evil and the pious, all while keeping an eye on one of the great joys of life, humor and laughter. Crime fiction doesn’t have to be grim although we’d be the last to tell you our stories aren’t full of heartache and death. But we explore themes of family, tragedy, strife, and ambition with our muse, Thalia, firmly on our shoulders, whispering raucous jokes in our ears.

At Thalia Press we try to bring you stories you can relate to, about ordinary people and some not so ordinary, about the past and how it informs us, about the way we live now. We hope you enjoy reading  our books as much as we enjoy writing them, because if we can’t entertain our Thalia we might as well dig ditches.

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