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beat-slay-love-cover=finalThis incredibly sly mystery has everything you’d want when you bite into a dish: suspense, spice, and a new take on an old classic. For anyone who’s ever watched Chopped or even stopped in at Williams Sonoma — Beat, Slay, Love is the perfect read.”   Charlaine Harris,   New York Times Bestselling Author

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Thalia Press publishes crime and contemporary fiction. We reissue previously out-of-print titles for established authors and publish original titles approximately three times a year. Our books range from the funny to the serious, entertaining and inspirational in nature.

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What we believe:

  • Quality of writing always matters.

  • All good fiction begins with strong plotting and strong characterizations.

  • Crime fiction lets people safely explore the very best and the very worst of the human condition.

  • Humor is a great way to let readers tackle painful topics like life and death without being overwhelmed by emotion.

  • Not all books need to appeal to the masses.

Featured Title by our very own Thalia Filbert


 Like your barbeque and your sex extra spicy? Your murders saucy and done to a turn?

How about lobster— and bad guys— red hot and served with lemon and butter? Plunge into the fascinating and competitive world of food media culture, in this wry, witty crime story where cutting edge takes on a new meaning when celebrity chefs across America start dying.

Debut author Thalia Filbert’s darkly comic send-up of serial killers, food mysteries, chick lit, and the iconic Eat Pray Love finds the sweet spot between appetizers and dessert in this rollicking trip from sea to shining sea. From color-themed dinners to Maine lobster pots, from barbeque to huckleberries, this mystery is stuffed to the gills with knives, mayhem, and laughs.

Aspiring chef Hannah Wendt has a multitude of talents— prowess in the kitchen and in the bedroom— but also a penchant for disposing of bothersome chefs. Wronged by those who steal her recipes, ridicule her weight, and denigrate her talents, Hannah has turned in her apron as sous chef and food stylist to plow new territory— her overpowering hunger for revenge. Hooked on how tasty payback can be, soon she is bumping off famous chefs who’ve burned her ego— with spectacular culinary flair.

Meanwhile nerdy food blogger Jason Bainbridge is looking for his big break and begins to see a pattern in the killings. He forms an uneasy alliance with cool but delicious FBI agent Kimberly Douglas as the search heats up to catch the sexy, chef-obsessed killer.

 This taut, tasty culinary thriller will leave you hungry for more. Grab a fork and dig in.

Coming in paperback and e-book in October

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The Thalia Press Anthology

The theme is winter, and the Thalia Press Authors Co-op rises to the occasion, digging deep into their devious imaginations with short stories of cold, ice, mystery, and of course unexplained homicide. Eight established crime authors and eight chilling stories to send shivers down your spine. Enjoy this collection of intriguing, surprise-filled stories full of buried secrets, back-stabbing and revenge — all set against the wintry backdrop of the cruelest season.

Dead of Winter: chilling new tales of crime features stories by Gary Phillips, Kate Flora, Sarah Shaber, Brynn Bonner, JD Rhoades, Taffy Cannon, Rory Tate, and Chaz McGee. Some stories follow characters from novels by these authors, others explore new tales of greed, revenge, murder, and intrigue. Edited by Katy Munger and Lise McClendon, Dead of Winter is available as an e-book.

Sarah Shaber brings back historian Simon Shaw in Flesh Upon the Mountains, a story set in the backwoods of North Carolina.
Kate Flora’s Bone China offers up a deceptively innocent account of a loyal wife. Feathersmith’s Excellent Plan by L.A.-based crime writer Gary Phillips brings readers into the world of Charlie Feathersmith, an electronic space salesman with an unexpectedly colorful past. In The Honey Trap, Rory Tate (a.k.a. Lise McClendon) gives us reporter Mimi Raynard in a prequel to her new thriller, Jump Cut, when a snowstorm hits Seattle at Christmas. Taffy Cannon writes about Aunt Betty, a beloved icon in a family beset by tragedy. Brynn Bonner, winner of the Robert L. Fish award from Mystery Writers of America, writes about a North Carolina investigative reporter in High Postage. Southern noir thriller writer J.D. Rhoades weighs in with I’ll Be Home For Christmas – a fascinating look at what happens when lowlifes locked in the fast lane collide with local law enforcement desperately hoping to take the high road for Christmas. In Library of Souls, Katy Munger (a.k.a. Chaz McGee) gives us another fascinating glimpse into the world of Kevin Fahey, a dead detective who is seeking redemption in a lonely afterworld centered around righting the mistakes he made while drinking his way through a botched career on the force.
Enjoy them all for a deliciously chilling good time.